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Maximize Your Small Bedroom with These Big Design Ideas
(Green) Thumbs Up: Sure-Fire Ways to Jumpstart Your Gardening Efforts

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Maximize Your Small Bedroom with These Big Design Ideas

bedroomDesigning the layout of a small bedroom can be difficult, but not impossible to pull off. Apart from the bed, all you need are some essentials –a nightstand, lamp, mirror, and wardrobe – and a creative mind.

Mattress revolution

In designing a bedroom of any size, the first thing to think about is the mattress. After all, it’s something you’ll use for about six to eight hours a day for the next several years. Even without factoring in the size of your room, you still have a couple of options.

If you’re on a budget, a basic bed would be fine. If you wish to pamper yourself, you may choose a memory foam mattress. As the bed specialists of the Mattress Department would suggest, the thing to think about is to choose something that is of the right width and height.  Of course you also have to think about comfort and your personal style.

Smart storage

Make the most of the limited space by building a closet with sliding doors into the walls. Add separate shelves for your clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Instead of a side table, think about getting a nightstand. Nightstands are great for books, phones, jewelry, and other personal effects that need to be within easy reach. Depending on your own style, you may choose a nightstand with either a classic or contemporary design.

Miscellaneous matters

Need a table for your laptop? Then why not have a built-in desk? You may build one that you can fold back up into the wall after use. Do you need to add some accent? Put small art pieces or flower vases on the shelves. To create the illusion of space, install mirrors on the closet doors. This is a better idea than purchasing a standing mirror.

Working on the layout of a tiny bedroom can be fun as it challenges your creativity and resourcefulness. The trick is to create a plan that not only makes your small space seem larger, but also stylish and comfortable.

(Green) Thumbs Up: Sure-Fire Ways to Jumpstart Your Gardening Efforts

GardenGardening is not as easy as you think. There is more to it than just digging around and planting seeds in the ground. It requires sensibilities to grow and keep a beautiful garden. For many, seeing their efforts bloom into flowers is encouraged to pursue the art and science of gardening even further.

If you are planning to attempt to grow your own little patch of greenery, it pays to know how to get started. In fact, you do not need a green thumb at all. Here are a few things to consider to jumpstart the project:

Breaking Grounds

The soil composition of a lot varies; particle present can include silt, clay, or sand. Certain plants thrive better in specific soil types. Bluebells and peonies, for instance, grow in soil heavy in silt or clay. It’s important to know what type of soil you have before looking for plants to grow. Gardening experts Oakleigh Manor recommend checking with landscape specialists for expert help on this matter.

Food for the Soil

Fertilisers boost nutrient levels already present in the soil and encourages microbes and other living organisms to thrive. This keeps the soil moist and makes it healthier. Think about the kind of fertilisers or compost you need for your garden carefully.

Sea Spray

Avoid using chemical substances to ward off pests and weeds. Rather, use natural methods to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your garden. For instance, experts suggest seaweed mulch or spray. This enhances plant growth and helps repel pests like slugs at the same time.


It is always best to plan ahead when it comes to watering plants. There are many ways to build an irrigation system for your garden without breaking the bank. Coordinate with a landscape designer to maximise the space in your garden for good measure.

Gardening is more than just a leisure activity. With careful planning and research, you can grow a more beautiful and fruitful garden. All the hard work will be worth the results once you start enjoying the benefits of having a patch of green in your backyard.

Fireworks: The Multisensory Experience

fireworks displayFor centuries, people have enjoyed the wonders of fireworks. On New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night, and many other occasions, the sky light up and show a dozen or so colours. From being a traditional way to scare ghosts and evil spirits, fireworks have become an art form enjoyed by the entire world. The people at Fireworks International says that this is proof of how far the craft has gone, and how much more it can (and will) improve.

The art of lights and gunpowder

The manufacturing process of fireworks is hard work. It involves filling containers with gunpowder and forming colourful stars with the right chemicals. Of course, this also includes the intricacies of setting up the fuse and other parts to ensure that the rocket would reach great heights before it explodes.

When it comes to grand displays, the effort doubles – triples, even – in organising the whole thing. There is, indeed, hard work involved in setting up a fireworks display. Apart from making sure that the fireworks are set up safely and correctly, they must also be in sync with the music that accompanies the entire display.

The future of fireworks displays

The art of pyrotechnics continues to evolve. In the most recent New Year’s Eve, London had a taste of the first ever multisensory fireworks display. Of course, the grand rockets and flares are present. But beyond that, people were also able to smell and taste the display’s festive atmosphere.

Now, it did involve many other elements other than gunpowder-filled paper cartons. Last year’s New Year performance took a long time to prepare, as it had to synchronise the explosions with the music, the confetti, the food, and the scents that made South Bank stare in awe.

Pyrotechnicians will definitely go beyond the traditional display of lights and explosions. There will always be something that outperforms the last show. As pyrotechnics is an art, it is only logical that everyone will innovate and redefine what it means to light up the sky. And just like any other type of art, fireworks will grow and evolve into marvellous, unimaginable forms.

Office Renting Mistakes that will Strangle Your Business

renting office spaceIt’s easy to neglect the importance of finding the right office space, but doing so usually ends very badly for the business. Your rent is likely your largest fixed cost, and in the worst case scenario, it can end up strangling your operations. Of course, the opposite is also true; choosing the right office willhelp your business grow and thrive.

When you’re looking to rent a Makati office space, you should first consider if you’re making any of the following mistakes. It could save you a great deal of time, money, and effort.

  1. Choosing the wrong location –The old saying that location is everything can’t be truer for businesses. Don’t start chasing deals to the detriment of your future operations, you’ll be the one to pick up the cost. If a property costs you double the rent, but will give you five times the sales, then it’s a good deal.
  2. Not negotiating – There are very few set prices in the world, and you could end up saving thousands over the next few years through a single negotiation. Don’t let your enthusiasm or anxiety get the better of you, always go for a deal. There’s little chance that the property owner will get offended, so there’s no harm in trying.
  3. Do your research. How long has the property been vacant? What are the rates in other commercial spaces around the area? Even if you’re completely set on renting this one particular property, you should look like you have options.
  4. Too much or not enough space –Finding the right amount of space is definitely tricky, and it’s something that many new business owners get wrong. Too little space will limit your company’s future, while too much could end up costing you more than you can afford. This is why having a well-defined business plan is a necessity. You can also ask for advice from more experienced people in your industry to get a decent estimate.
  5. Neglecting term – Longer leases have advantages. Generally, you’ll benefit from a lower rent, which is guaranteed to stay at certain rates throughout the duration of the lease. It also acts as a motivation booster; you’ll want your business to thrive, finish the lease duration, and either move somewhere better or extend the lease.

A long lease that locks you in for an extended period of time has obvious drawbacks, however. It limits your options for relocation, and if things sour between you and the property owner, there’s little you can do.

Regardless of your decision, make sure that you prepare for the possible outcomes.


Preserving Home Life Quality: Why You Should Not Neglect Home Maintenance

inside a houseWhen you picture yourself stepping into your new home for the first time, do you also picture yourself holding a flashlight in the basement and trying to fix years’ worth of leaks and cracks? Nobody wants to go through something like that. It pays to maintain the quality of your home because a good, safe, and comfortable home means that’s one less thing to worry about. And if you ever decide to put your house on the market, you have a good chance of selling it for more money.

Brisbane builder McCarthy Homes notes that proper home maintenance is a must in every household, brand new or not. To prevent further house damage, here are three home components that you need to properly maintain:

Plumbing Systems

As an excited first time home buyer, you spend lots of money installing modern furnishings and designing stylish bathrooms. You should, however, keep your plumbing system in mind. Develop the habit of testing your faucets regularly. Replace old washers when you detect leaks or when water begins to drip. You should also make sure to properly install pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

House Roof

Protecting you from the harsh climate, the roof may shed some shingles and break into fragments after some time. It is an important part of your house’s defence system, and can be quite costly to replace. To avoid pricey maintenance costs, habitually inspect your roof, especially before the winter season. It’s not easy to convince a handyman to fix your roof in the middle of a snowy night.


Have you ever wondered why a few houses on your block seem to lean to one side? This can be an indication of a damaged home foundation. Caused mostly by homeowners’ neglect, foundation problems include cracks on the driveways and above the windows, and those that follow a certain pattern. You can prevent a damaged foundation by diligently removing debris, snow and leaves, which may invite pests that destroy a building slowly.

Frequent inspection and replacement, and diligent cleaning are the ingredients for an effective home maintenance. Preserving the quality of your life through home maintenance is a vital phase after the buying process. Make sure to perform proper procedures to reduce repair and redesign costs.

The Big Wheels

tractor trailTruck drivers have a significant role in today’s industry. Without them, no business can trade their goods or have enough supplies to offer their services. They transport different kinds of cargo to meet the different needs of clients and make sure that the business cycle will continue.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, truck drivers are among the most in-demand jobs in the transportation industry. If you’re planning to take this opportunity, you need to know the nature of the industry more thoroughly.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Truck drivers work for long hours, from eight to 10 hours straight. They need to meet deadlines and travel along highways with only a few pit stops. You’ll be away from home most of the time, but will have the opportunity to visit different places. If you have a family, however, your absence might become an issue.

Know the Specifications

Truck drivers must hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before they can use vehicles that are more than 26,000 pounds. The CDL also serves as a certification that you can transport oversized items and hazardous materials. Enroll at NY tractor trailer schools for career trainings to get this license. Make sure they have the certification under the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI), though.

Know the Requirements

The age limit is 21 years old and above, and you must have a clean driving record. You’ll need to take a written test and physical exam to check if you have good eyesight and hearing, properly functioning body parts, and a normal blood pressure. To promote safe and better driving, alcohol and drug use will also be part of the examination.

This could be the opportunity that you have always been waiting to grab. Start studying to get your commercial driving license within a month or two. This way, you can apply for the trucking company you prefer with more confidence.

A Practical Guide to Men’s Summer Clothing

During bright, sunny weekends and summer outings, most men simply make do with whatever clean clothing they have. Usually, this is a simple combination of jeans, a T-shirt, and their favourite trainers. Although this does the job in terms of comfort, it certainly won’t impress anyone.

For the more discerning gentlemen, here is a quick primer on how to look great in warm weather while still staying comfortable.

General Tips

First of all, wear cotton whenever possible. It is the undisputed king of summer fabrics, as it wicks away moisture while still being strong and durable; perfectly suited for physical activities under the sun. Use an antiperspirant or deodorant, and don’t be afraid to shower twice a wakeboarding

Good sunglasses are always appropriate during sunny days, and the right pair can work wonders for your style. Make sure to have a few casual belts as well.

Upper Body

For very casual events and everyday wear, HUF T-Shirts and caps are generally quite good for sunny weather. Make sure, however, that the cap complements the rest of the outfit. For a slightly more formal look, the classic Polo shirt is still a reliable choice. Every guy should have an assortment of Polo shirts in various colours and designs.

Polo shirts, however, are incredibly common. The vast majority will be wearing them during the summer. Thus, you should also experiment with button down shirts. These are severely underutilized by most men, and well-fitting ones can look fantastic.

Lower Body

Shorts are still the staple, but they should neither be baggy or too tight. Depending on their style and pattern, shorts can either be very casual or somewhat formal. Plaid print shorts are popular, along with camouflage patterns. Your best bet would probably be cargo shorts, however. They are highly practical, and can hold your keys, wallet, and other things without any problem.

Great looking denim jeans are much less expensive than they were before, giving you no excuse to procrastinate on buying a decent pair or three. Remember, the brand is unimportant. What you should worry about is the fit and how they work with the rest of your clothing.

Good, designer quality flip flops or sandals work with jeans, and they are very comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with trainers, but make sure to take care of them and keep them clean.

Extend Your Reach: Ideas for an Effective Business Card

Blank business cardBusiness cards are an important part of every marketing plan. Small and seemingly minor as it may be, you need to present it in a professional way so people will remember. You need to focus on the content, colour, and novelty of the business card and keep it relevant to your line of work.

When designing the card, choose a layout that is fitting for your company and industry. It is best to use a style that supports the image you want to project and the message you want to convey. Read on to learn more about the basics of designing a great business card:

Design and Style Choices

Business Insider Australia and TheRoom Design Studio suggest treating your card as if it were a piece of art. Modern and clean designs evoke a sense of confidence and are ideal for innovative companies.

If you want something minimalist, elements should focus on a simple typeface and plain colours; there should be less emphasis on images or graphics. If you want to be more artistic, however, something in full colour or one that introduces quirks will work well. You can experiment with different styles to come up with something that truly reflects who you are as a professional.

Providing Information

The main goal of your business card is to remind clients on the different means of getting in touch with you. The information you put in it depends on the layout of the card. A typical card includes your name, business name or professional title, and your basic contact information – phone, website, and email.

Other than the basics, more professionals are adding things like their Twitter handle and a link to their LinkedIn profile. This is something you might want to consider, especially if you prefer correspondence through these channels.

Just like any other marketing material for your business, you need to put in the money and the time to produce a quality business card. Create a quality card that communicates your unique selling proposition.

How to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Really ‘Social’

social mediaSome businesspeople tend to make social media marketing part of their ‘hardcore’ or ‘main’ marketing practices. This thought is generally a faux pas in online marketing. And more often than not, it leads marketers to think that talking about their brands through social media platforms is always beneficial. Your brand may end up looking self-absorbed, however, if you keep on promoting it without socialising and heeding what your fans have to say.

The social platforms you use should serve as an avenue where your brand can relax, have an unassuming persona, and speak with the fans easily. If you keep this philosophy in mind, you’ll find it a lot easier to socialise and connect with your audiences. Below are some tips to make your campaign more social, which your online marketers and Search Engine Optimisation consultants will certainly agree on.

Curate Content

While SEO and online marketing purists will recommend being original when it comes to content, you can always curate other people’s materials. Doing so will give your fans an impression that you’re paying attention to other businesses, something that is very much like what your followers do. Moreover, the curated content may be useful to some of your followers. You may also like and share your followers’ content. This move will appear on their notifications, thus making them realise that their opinions or acts of sharing are being valued.

Always Reply

Replying to your followers’ comments is a form of acknowledgement and a sign that you’re listening. Your replies will make them feel important. When commenting back, always mention your fans’ first names, as it will make them feel good and foster future interactions.

Make Their Day

If you feel like there’s nothing significant happening in your social interactions, initiate one! If you have a budget for prizes, pick some random followers and give them something for no reason. You may start a hashtag campaign where you can pick people who will receive your rewards.

Ask Them

Nothing could be more empathetic than asking your audiences what they want or need. If you’re to design a new product or service, get your followers involved. Ask them about the features they want to see. Look at how Frito-Lay has nailed this.

To make your campaigns and interactions more social, keep this nugget of wisdom from Dale Carnegie in mind: You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Putting it in context, this means that showing constant interest in your followers and making every campaign all about them will go a long way.

Planning a Memorable Trip: Great Camping Activities

camping tripCamping with the entire family is a great way to have fun and share new experiences. As most campgrounds are equipped with trails, pools, and lakes, the whole family can experience a range of exciting activities. Spending time outdoors can also refresh your mind and strengthen family ties.

The best way to ensure the success of a trip is to plan the activities ahead of time. With help from, Living Airstream lists the best camping activities perfect for the whole family.


Hiking or walking the trails is a great way to take a closer look at nature. You and your family can explore natural habitats and appreciate the wonders of nature even more. Make sure to pack lunch and plenty of water for the excursion. You can also drop by the park’s visitor’s center to get an idea of what you can expect.


Canoeing on the lake is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Older children can help paddle while younger ones can play with waterproof toys. Make sure that everyone wears a life jacket before going. If canoeing is listed as part of your camping activity, have kids practice wearing a lifejacket in a swimming pool. Dealing with an accidental capsize is easier if everyone knows how a lifejacket feels, and how it feels to have one on.

Building a Campfire

Working together to build a campfire can be a fun and educational activity for children. This satisfies their curiosity and teaches them an important survival skill. Toddlers and younger children can help by gathering twigs, as long as an adult accompanies them. You can also teach older children to dig a shallow pit or demonstrate how to layer twigs.


Reconnect with each other through storytelling. You can tell a story relating to your youth or one that is purely fictional. You can also request everyone to tell a tale or share a funny or memorable story they’ve experienced.

A little planning can go a long way in making the camping trip a great experience for the family. Rent an airstream trailer and keep these activities in mind for a fun and unforgettable camping trip.