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Goodbye, Hot Days: Essential Oils to Cool You Down

oilHeat is one of the worst mood killers. Regardless of the season, there are days when the temperature becomes unbearably hot, your mood goes sour and you feel more tired than usual.

Of course, heading to your air conditioned bedroom is always a solution, albeit a temporary one. To help you cool down while the sun is up and about, ITA Overseas Pte Ltd suggests using these cooling essential oils for a more soothing day ahead.


Whenever you wonder how the koalas of Australia keep their cool, take a look at their diet. Eucalyptus oil is quite popular for its many wide-ranging effects. In aromatherapy, eucalyptus is a known antiseptic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antibacterial plant.

Beyond this, though, one key trait of eucalyptus is its cooling effect. With a distinct taste and odour, eucalyptus is a good choice to help you cool down on an unreasonably hot day. Its essential oil is good for muscle aches and boosts mental sharpness.


Peppermint has many uses, both in the culinary arts and in aromatherapy. Apart from its excellent flavour (especially when paired with chocolate), peppermint helps treat indigestion, headache, stomach spasms, fever and respiratory problems. On top of this, peppermint acts as a good stress reliever with its refreshing odour and flavour. Research has shown that peppermint also boosts mental activity.

With its rich amount of menthol, peppermint essential oil is one of the best choices to help you cool down and relax while easing your muscles in the process.


Spearmint has significantly less menthol content than peppermint, but it’s also a good addition or alternative to your cooling mix. An antiseptic, disinfectant, stimulant, restorative and carminative all at the same time, spearmint can definitely cool you down, even if it’s sweltering outside.

Let’s focus on some traits of spearmint, particularly its stimulant, carminative, and restorative characteristics. All three point to one factor: spearmint is relaxing, both for your conscious self and your internal organs.

With the right essential oils at your disposal, no day is too hot. Say goodbye to heat and let these plant oils work to your advantage.

Rebuild or Renovate: Which Should You Choose?

reliable home builderIf you’ve outgrown the appearance of your home, there are ways to change it to make it looking fresh and new. Choosing between renovation and a rebuilding project may be challenging, though, but it won’t be difficult if you know what you need and can afford.

Here’s a comparison guide to help you:

Do You Have Enough Funds?

Renovations can improve the look and function of your home, but if this happens quite often, you might be spending more than you should. It may extend the lifespan of your house, but you should also know its limits. List your renovation expenses and compare it with a one-time demolition and rebuilding project, which saves more money?

Is Your Space Enough?

“Rebuilding in your existing location is a great option if you love where you live,” suggests many home builder Perth companies. Many land developments in urban cities are getting smaller, especially those near the central business district. If you have an extra lot in your property, why not expand and rebuild your home to maximise space. Moreover, you can change the floor plan and add more rooms if you want.

How Old Is Your House?

Houses can survive for hundreds of years, but its individual parts cannot. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in good condition. Although there are instances when the house is completely giving up, making it difficult to save through renovations.

Demolishing and rebuilding your home is ideal if it’s more than 15 years old. The materials used during its construction may be the highest quality during that time, but it becomes outdated as time pass. Go for this option if you want to use the latest construction materials, which could offer better insulation, fire protection, and many more.

Renovation or rebuilding, the choice is up to you. Make sure that it’ll be the best option for your budget and lifestyle.

Ways to Score a Great Car When Attending an Auction

car auctionsGetting a car – new or used – involves making lots of decisions and careful thinking. When in the market for a vehicle, it’s always best to educate yourself first. Not being knowledgeable about what’s out there makes you vulnerable to scams and other potential troubles. Don’t get started without knowing full well what you’re getting into.

Other than the local dealership or private sellers, you can also get a car through auto auctions. Brisbane is a major city where such events are held regularly. If this is something you’re interested in as an option for getting a car, here are some simple tips on how to land a great deal:

Read the Catalogue

Organisers usually hand out an auction catalogue or make one available online a few weeks or days before the actual event. Find out details about the cars that will be up for auction by carefully reading through the material. This will help you narrow down choices or zero in on just one.

Attend the Auction

Bidding through the phone or over the Internet is something you can do, but that cancels out the fun and reassurance. It’s always best to see the car personally before making the purchase. You can’t be sure about buying something just by looking at pictures.

Register Early

Early registration for the auction serves as proof that you actually have money to buy. Organisers may ask for your credit card number or bank statements. Avoid the long lines and up the chances of getting the car you want by being there on time.

Examine Cars Carefully

Sometimes printed details just won’t do – it’s still best to examine the car closely. Make sure the car lives up to what was described on the catalogue. Ask the owner or organiser questions and avoid bidding for something that seems questionable.

Secure Your Bid

Make sure the ring men can see you and be ready to bid. Set a maximum price and don’t go over it. Once the bidding is done, secure the car you won. Make sure to read through all paperwork and sign it only after verifying all details.

An educated buyer is always the best buyer. Prepare yourself so you could bid on the car that truly fits your needs. This way, you’ll have no regrets about the purchase and can enjoy the car.

Why Owning a House is Actually More Practical

residential real estateBeing single allows you to take full control of your own life without weighing much the needs of others. You can go anywhere at any time you want, as practically all you have to think about is yourself.

While settlement is the least of your concerns, you can still plan ahead to move into the city. You can choose to check the residential real estate property listings in and other similar websites, which offer a range of apartments, condominiums, and houses for rent or for sale.

Renting is for Singles

Some jobs require you to move a lot from one place to another, and if no one will attend to your place while you’re away, then you should rent an apartment instead of buying a house. Most people assume that renting a place is the same as choosing not to invest money wisely, as you have to pay monthly dues without having any returns.

Buying a house, on the other hand, requires you to pay mortgage, taxes, insurances, and maintenance; whereas your only responsibility in renting is your monthly dues. In case you experience problems with the unit, all you have to do is contact the landowner. Owning a house is more costly in the long run compared to renting.

Owning is more practical

If you do plan to get married, however, be sure to change your way of thinking. There is a big difference between living on your own and living with your family. When you envision having a family to take care of, owning a house makes more sense as it gives you more stability. While it can be costly, you have to keep in mind that expenses are always involved with raising a family.

Having your own house will be your source of pride for all of your accomplishments. It is a great investment when you grow old and you don’t have a job anymore to pay your monthly dues. Once you raise a family of your own, it would be better to no longer worry about raising money for your rent.

MERS Pandemic: Big Jump In Cases Reported To WHO

saudi-arabia-camelSaudi Arabia’s battle against the deadly MERS-coronavirus is far from over, as authorities reported new cases of infection and deaths.

Source of infection

According to the World Health Organization, investigation and analysis of laboratory-confirmed records shows there have now been 820 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome and 286 deaths.

Hospital files suggest that more than 100 more cases and 34 deaths from the new respiratory disease have officially been reported to WHO.

Infection prevention and control measures are critical to prevent the possible spread in healthcare facilities.

Though camels are a primary suspect, the main culprit of the infection is still uncertain.

Health scare

The WHO confirmed and supplied some new details on Mers cases that were reported by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

The virus, which was first discovered in 2012, may lead to kidney failure and pneumonia as it is from the same family as the common cold.

Apart from Saudi Arabia, Mers cases have also been confirmed in Jordan, Qatar, France, Germany, Egypt, and many more.

License at Stake: Losing Driving Privileges

driverAccumulation of moving traffic violations often leads to the suspension of a driver’s license. This is why it is best to know the common grounds for suspension and the steps you need to follow to avoid serious traffic penalties.

Driver’s License Suspension

Routine violations like speeding or running a red light may not get your license suspended. In most cases, it takes at least three moving violations in the past three years to lose your driving privileges. The specifics and other traffic violation penalties, however, vary depending on the state where you live. Some states, meanwhile, suspend license of drivers under 18 years with just one moving violation.

Evaluating Driving Suspension

In general, states use a point system to evaluate driving suspension. The system has points for each type of moving violation. If you acquire too many points within three to five years, you may be at risk of losing your license. Other states also give points to motorcycle accidents, even though there is no clear fault determination.

Attending a Hearing

Multiple violations may require you to attend a hearing with the bureau officer. It is advisable to prepare for the hearing and make an argument that could persuade the officer to take your side. Discuss the nature of the moving violation and the reasons you think the ticket should not be issued. You can also talk about your new driving habits or the things you’ve done to drive safely.

It is also best to hire a lawyer who can represent your best interest. Make sure to choose the right lawyer to defend all your traffic violations and avoid losing your license.

To keep track of your points, it is always recommended to fight a ticket whenever possible. Hire an attorney to fight the traffic ticket and avoid tarnishing your records. You may also attend traffic school, which can be a guarantee that the violation will not appear on your record.

Laser Cutting101: How It Can Enhance The Manufacturing Business

laser cuttingLaser cutting has become an essential method in the manufacturing industry, because its accuracy and flexibility outperform traditional die cutting methods in a number of ways. Becoming one of the premier manufacturing procedures, it offers businesses a list of benefits, from automation to improving productivity.

Here are a few details on how laser cutting contributes to the growth of the manufacturing industry:

Increased Productivity

Using lasers to cut or weld is a relatively new technique in the world of manufacturing, according to Troy Laser & Fab. The method, however, has been proven to work with accuracy in a shorter period of time. While work rate depends on the metal’s thickness, the system works considerably faster compared to other cutting techniques. With the accuracy of the lasers, tradesmen can work more quickly and effectively, increasing productivity.

Low Maintenance

The innovative method requires minimal cleanup after every job. Following any use of the equipment is the occasional formation of the minimal amount of smoke, and there is a very low risk of noise pollution or danger. There is a reduced need for additional work related to the facility’s maintenance.

Reduced Heat

Experts explain that lasers used in the equipment have highly concentrated output that also travels at very high speeds. In high speeds, potential heat is reduced as well as the related damage to the rest of the metal being cut. The high speed makes a range of jobs easier, from cutting a metal container to finishing an output. The concentrated output and low heat improve accuracy in producing the final product. There is also a shorter process of smoothing and finishing after cutting the product.

Indeed, laser cutting has proven to be a cutting-edge technology that increases the productivity in the business, and reduces heat and the maintenance needed after using the equipment. By choosing the right company that can provide laser cutting, a number of manufacturing businesses continue to grow and outperform their competitors.

Developing Properties: Common Mistakes Committed by Landowners

building a houseAs Australia continues to attract tourists from all over the world and all walks of life in the millions, the demand for hotel rooms and other accommodations rises with it as well. Several land properties are now on the market, making investing in real estate very profitable. Owning rental properties, though, can be tough and costly so you have to deliberate carefully before signing up for deals.

Here are some tips to help you achieve success when pursuing such a goal:

Avoid Misidentifying Key Factors

Taking a good deal doesn’t necessarily mean you will earn significantly from it. Sometimes, properties sold at very low prices may not result in profits because of its poor location or other issues. Always look into all the different factors that contribute to possible profitability – location, structural features, and other essential elements. The area of the land is important to commodity brokers such as because they cannot market the property properly if, for example, the place is deserted or there are no passable roads.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Time

Some owners think way ahead and are too drawn to the idea of how much they will earn. The same owners sometimes fail to realise that the cost of developing the said property might lead to losses in the long run. Owners have to plan out every detail and execute it as accurately as possible. As with every building, there will always be a need for repairs – be it rotting wood or rusty metal support systems. Repainting must be done regularly to ensure the internal and external walls and posts always look new. Fixing up and maintaining a property is important since customers are more attracted to good places with notable facilities. You only stand to lose a lot of money if your property is empty.

Committing a mistake counts as an experience, but making the same error means trouble. Keep these tips in mind when pursuing a project in property development to ensure positive results.

Home Improvements: What and What Not to Do to Improve Home Value

house interiorMany of the things you do in life are a balancing act, and upgrading the house is no different. Some improvement is always a great way to boost the home’s resale value, but not everything is worth it.

While striving to improve value is good, being too ambitious could do the opposite and lower the overall home value. Here’s a list of projects worth tackling and some that are best scratched off of your to-do list to help you decide.

Avoid: Adding Unconventional Kitchen Features

A built-in fridge, a walk-in pantry, or a custom closet may sound like a dream addition to any home, but what happens if potential homebuyers aren’t that kitchen-savvy or think these improvements are just additional eyesores?

Adding these unique features makes sense if these make life easier for you. Just don’t expect to get back the total expenses when you’re selling.

Try: Minor Kitchen Improvements

Instead of completely revamping the kitchen, try upgrading some already existing elements such as the cabinet or the pantry. Some plasterboards, adhesives, and other basic DIY tools are all you’ll need to give the kitchen a new look.

Avoid: Additional Rooms or Floor Space

Adding a room to increase your home’s square footage might sound like a good idea, until you realise this project could run up to as much as $100,000. Large projects like these often take a long time to finish, which means it’ll exhaust a lot of resources.

Try: Re-Roofing

Rather than expanding the house’s floor area, why not try making the outside look inviting? An extra room may have little to no significance to prospective buyers, but a leaking roof could do a lot of damage not just to the house, but its resale value as well.

Avoid: Major Bathroom Makeovers

Major bathroom upgrades are good, but be aware that these will be expensive. They may also not suit the taste of prospective buyers, which means it won’t do you any good.

Try: Sprucing up the Bathroom Surfaces

A few smaller improvements may be better if time is limited and you want to make the bathroom look fresher. Cleaning the tiles and grout, updating a few fixtures, and maybe even replacing the ceiling can be completed without digging too deep into your pockets.

When planning to DIY a project, it’s best not to over-invest time, money, and other resources. Big, expensive projects are rarely worth it, especially if you simply want to sell the house.

Apple HealthKit In A Name Clash With Australian Startup


Image by Valery Marchive (LeMagIT) | Wikimedia

After the buzz about iOS8, Apple was in troubled waters with an Australian start-up for using the name HealthKit for its new feature—an integrated fitness program.

This new platform allowed users to operate health and fitness applications while sharing data under the operating system iOS 8.

Startup Claims

The Australian start-up of the similar name, however, laid claim to the title, which they have registered more than two years ago after buying the domain.

Startup Managing Director Alison Hardacre said, “we were so shocked when we got up in the morning and discovered Apple executives standing on stage, with an icon behind them with our name on it.”

Hardacre added, “but what’s more disappointing is that they didn’t contact us before and they haven’t contacted us since.”

“I’d like to think that [Apple] forgot to spend five seconds and type into their browser. But other people have said that possibly they did, and thought that we were just a startup and they could really just squash us,” said the managing director.

Meanwhile, it remained unclear whether the Australian startup would sue Apple, which had not contacted them yet.

Similar Controversies

There are other similar controversies that involved digital magnates, such as Facebook—which was on the same boat. Earlier this year, a New York startup had filed a complaint against Facebook, which used their name in one of its applications called Paper.